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weareopen-badge-2018We are launching a long-term programme – Two Steps – because we believe, along with 63% of both female and male employees, that women and men have to work together to ensure that everyone has access to equal opportunities, regardless of gender. If we work on this together, we’ll get twice as far. Already, many people find that the situation has improved over the last two years.
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Various Hungarian celebrities, men and women, switched shoes for a little while to try to imagine themselves in the place of the other. The first step towards change is to talk to one another about this topic: this is how all of us, women and men, can work together to ensure equal opportunities.
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Where do we stand now? What’s going on?
Over the last two years, 60% of respondents have experienced some change at their workplace directed at ensuring equal opportunities for men and women. What can already be seen today is that not only women are interested in these initiatives, but men as well. For this reason, WeAreOpen will be asking women and men about their expectations for their workplaces, about how satisfied they are with their work/life balance, to what extent they feel that they are being assessed based on their performance at work, and any additional measures they would like to see.
Over the next two years, employers will be faced with these challenges: employees expect more changes and continuous improvement. It is in this respect that WeAreOpen’s Two Steps programme, to be launched in December 2018, wants to contribute. Among others, it will help with questionnaires for companies to allow them to make decisions based on data and will also give presentations to help shape corporate culture. WeAreOpen provides the questionnaires to the SME sector for free.

WeAreOpen collaborated with Gemius in making the studies – thank you!

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#TwoSteps Videos

Eszter Rasko x Adam Kiss, comedians #WeAreAmbitious
Eszter Rasko x Adam Kiss, comedians #AllThisGenderStuff
Eszter Rasko x Adam Kiss, comedians #ItIsImportant
Zsofi Kemeny, poet, slammer, writer and Mark Suveg Saiid slammer, writer #ItIsSensitive
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Press release

You can download our press release with the findings of the national representative research from here.

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