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July 2019: Forbes campaign

1 declaration, 100 signatures, more than 100 company leaders and a rainbow of 1000 people on social media platforms

This is how WeAreOpen is getting ready for this year’s Pride.

Budapest, 5 July 2019 – More than 100 company executives are issuing a joint declaration in support of LGBTQ persons and openness. Their statement, along with their signatures, was published in one of the most prominent Hungarian business magazines. Organised by WeAreOpen, the initiative was launched to inspire openness and to ensure that people are judged in their workplaces solely based on their actions and performance. In addition to WeAreOpen founding members Prezi, espell and Google, the executives of a number of well-known international brands have also joined the call, including those of Citi, BlackRock, CMS, Converse, Diageo, Eaton, Morgan Stanley, Nielsen and Sigma Technology. Joining the large corporations were a number of Hungarian businesses including IT companies and creative agencies; the list also includes a countryside hotel, an architect and a community office. They are expected to participate in the march this Saturday with a total of over two thousand staff members.

Company leaders may join the initiative until Saturday morning at

“As a business leader, I’ll be there at Budapest Pride. People would like to work for companies or organisations where they can be sure that the only thing that matters is their performance, and not their gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation. I believe I have an important responsibility as a business leader to stand up for that principle at Budapest Pride in solidarity with current and future colleagues.

This is why I, too, have joined the WeAreOpen initiative, and I encourage all company leaders to do the same. Diverse workplaces benefit employees. Inclusiveness gives companies a competitive edge and is key to performing better and to recruiting and retaining staff” – states the joint declaration by the company executives published in Forbes. It is unique in Hungary – and elsewhere – for 100 business leaders to sign a joint declaration in support of the acceptance of LGBTQ persons, diversity and openness. The complete list of signatory executives is available on the WeAreOpen website and in Forbes magazine.

More than 100 signatures on two pages (Forbes Magazine)

Discussing the initiative, Budapest Pride spokesperson Kama Peksa said, “A great many LGBTQ persons work at companies of various sizes and at multinational corporations. It is very important for them to be in a safe space while at work. The presence of accepting, supportive colleagues is critical in the lives of LGBTQ persons, and this requires the active support of companies, which must serve as role models.

It was in 2013 that a large number of businesses first joined Budapest Pride, at the initiative of WeAreOpen. Since then, Hungary has also witnessed the trend of an increasing number of workplaces organising various programmes for current and future LGBTQ colleagues and to shape an open company culture, both during Pride month and beyond.

“We deployed our first shared float at the Budapest Pride in 2013 with the WeAreOpen community, because we were certain that many would like to stand in support of LGBTQ persons and openness, but may have needed just a bit of inspiration to do so. We are very happy to have contributed to the number participating in Budapest Pride – and thus standing up for LGBTQ persons and diversity – increasing several fold. The number of those marching with us continues to increase each year, with many businesses represented by over one hundred people, including colleagues and executives, and in some cases even company vehicles. The next important step is for the message of acceptance towards LGBTQ persons to reach beyond Budapest Pride. One milestone in this effort is the joint declaration published in Forbes magazine, featuring the signatures of more than 100 business leaders, along with our rainbow campaign launched on social media platforms. A dozen prominent individuals, along with companies and internet users, have already joined the latter. We have more surprises planned for Saturday,” WeAreOpen managing director Melinda Miklós summarised WeAreOpen’s projects connected to Budapest Pride.


A rainbow of 1000 people? It’s possible!

For the 2019 Budapest Pride, WeAreOpen announced the #DressCodeChallenge. In addition to businesses and business representatives, a number of celebrities have joined the initiative: Laura Döbrösi, Zoltán Fenyvesi, Zsófi Kemény, Györgyi Lang, Zalán Makranczi, Krisztina Maróy, Olivér Pusztai and Dóra Szinetár have all taken a stance in support of the cause, and the photos keep pouring in. The challenge called on participants to take a picture of themselves wearing clothing in one colour of the rainbow.

In order, however, to create a virtual rainbow with 1000 people, the organisation issued a public call, asking participants to take a picture or selfie of themselves wearing clothing in one colour of the rainbow (or clothing which is rainbow-coloured in itself), or holding a Pride flag. They were asked to share the photograph on their social media platforms before the Pride march on Saturday, with the tags #DressCodeChallenge and #WeAreOpen. Many posted comments describing why they thought it important to be there at this year’s Pride.

The photos submitted may be viewed on the WeAreOpen website as well as on the organisation’s Instagram and Facebook page. There are more than one thousand companies and organisations today in Hungary that believe it is not only right, but also makes sense from a business perspective to judge colleagues solely based on their actions and performance.

International studies also support this idea: according to one recent survey by BCG, for instance, there is a clear link between corporate diversity and innovation, with diverse companies generally achieving better business results. What is more: those working for such companies tend to be more satisfied. In Hungary, for example, 83% of students over the age of 18 would choose an open company.


About WeAreOpen

The WeAreOpen community initiative was launched by Prezi, espell and Google in the summer of 2013. WeAreOpen’s principal sponsor is Citi. In the past six years, more than 1,000 companies, organisations and communities have joined WeAreOpen, including Hungarian businesses, brands with a prominent Hungarian and international profile, and civil organisations and communities. WeAreOpen will be participating in Budapest Pride for the seventh time. It has also launched several other campaigns, including in support of gender equality at the workplace (Two Steps) and equal treatment of people with disabilities. The initiative stages the international Open Conference each year.

Those joining the WeAreOpen initiative hold the fundamental belief that everyone is to be judged solely on the basis of their actions and achievements, without regard to their age, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, national or ethnic identity and origin, political, religious or other views and physical or other factors.

Dalma Kormos
Photos and videos are available HERE; more will be added during Pride.

2014: Companies and organisations at Budapest Pride — WeAreOpen will enter a float again this year

Companies and organisations at Budapest Pride — WeAreOpen will enter a float again this year

First-time Priders, as well as companies, organisations, communities and supporters with a tradition of participating in Pride are welcome to join the WeAreOpen float

Budapest, 26/06/2014 – Just as they did last year, numerous companies and organisations, including Prezi, espell and Google, the founders of the WeAreOpen community initiative, will have a joint float at this year’s Budapest Pride. First-time Priders, as well as companies, organisations and communities with a tradition of participating in Pride and all other supporters are welcome to join the We’re Open float Last year’s crowd and festival atmosphere were a sure sign that this year’s Budapest Pride will prove even more popular. Many first-time Priders – people who have previously not participated in the parade – are also expected to attend. You can join the WeAreOpen initiative, which currently has a membership of nearly 700 companies, organisations and communities, on the website. We welcome all those companies, organisations and communities that regard it as a fundamental value that others are judged solely on the basis of their actions and achievements, without regard to other characteristics.

In the past year, nearly 700 companies, organisations and communities have joined the We’re Open initiative, which was launched in Hungary by espell, Google and Prezi a year ago to promote openness. In the weeks following its launch alone, it was joined by 400 hundred companies, organisations and communities, who entered a float in Budapest Pride. In addition, this spring saw the launch of a social media video campaign with the slogan “Being open is a good thing. Don’t succumb to prejudice”. Companies, organisations, celebrities and Internet users took a stand against prejudice, including towards the Roma, Jews and people with disabilities, by telling their stories in video messages. The videos posted on YouTube were viewed more than 200,000 times within just two weeks.

“Last summer we launched the We’re Open initiative because not only do we believe that being open is the right thing to do, we know from experience that it makes business sense. We know that there are lots of you out there who share our values. We think it’s important to demonstrate our openness and inspire others to do the same,” underlined the representatives of Prezi, espell and Google, the founders of WeAreOpen. “We know from experience that our openness – to new ideas, innovative solutions, to one another and to the world – is one of the keys to our success. Pride is a celebration of diversity all over the world. We believe it’s not enough to accept diversity; we also need to support and celebrate it, because of the benefits it brings. That’s why it’s natural for us to be present at Pride both in Hungary and abroad.”

Since last year the number of members of We’re Open has almost doubled. That, together with last year’s crowd and festival atmosphere, is a sure sign that this year’s Budapest Pride will prove even more popular. “We look forward to welcoming lots of first-time Priders – people who have previously not participated in the parade,” said Miklós Bán, CEO of espell, one of the founding companies of We’re Open.

“The companies and organisations of the WeAreOpen community played an important part in the success of the Budapest Pride parade in 2013. Since we know that LMBTQ people are regularly discriminated against in day-to-day situations, including at the workplace, we believe it’s very important for employers and employees to express their commitment to diversity, acceptance and solidarity. That’s why we’re glad the momentum hasn’t let up and We’re Open will celebrate again with us this year, on 5 July,” said Dominika Milanovich, spokeswoman for Budapest Pride.

The members of the We’re Open community initiative regard it as a fundamental value that others are judged solely on the basis of their actions and achievements, without regard to their age, sex, gender, sexual orientation, national or ethnic background, political convictions, religious or other beliefs, physical abilities, or other characteristics.

Members of the community include world-renowned Hungarian start-ups, big-name international companies, Hungarian press outlets, bloggers, festivals, higher education institutions, all kinds of companies from big to small, associations, foundations including human rights organisations, an organisation for the promotion of Roma culture, a foundation encouraging disabled people to engage in sport, a foundation helping homeless people and many more organisations, foundations and communities working for many different causes.

At everyone can make a commitment to openness, which the founders of the initiative believe is a simple, but important gesture. Please send an email to if you would like to attend Budapest Pride as part of the WeAreOpen community. You can find out what’s new in the WeAreOpen community on its Facebook and Google+ pages.