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Joined the Community:1134

Our mission is to show millions of people that openness is a value for organizations. We help businesses and employees experience, learn, and demonstrate the benefits of inclusion. 

To help us achieve our mission, and to support companies that want to take action for a positive change, we launched the Supporting Circle. The Supporting Circle consists of WeAreOpen’s annual sponsors and those companies that opt for Supporting Membership.

Why become a Supporting Member?

The Supporting Membership was designed for organizations that want to support WeAreOpen’s core mission and promote openness.

For an annual fee, Supporting Members get access to the tools they need to work on diversity and inclusion and build an open workplace culture. Other benefits include first invitations to participate in OPEN Campaigns and securing their seats at OPEN Backstage events. Supporting Members get ticket discounts for OPEN Conference, the international diversity conference for business leaders and other events and services launched by WeAreOpen.

Why become a Sponsor?

Diversity-championing companies may decide to invest in openness and opt for annual sponsorship of WeAreOpen. The annual sponsors of WeAreOpen are more visible for millions of people we reach through our public campaigns each year. This is not only important for the positive social impact we reach with them but it can also boost employer branding efforts. 

Annual sponsors get all the benefits available to Supporting Members, plus additional benefits in the form of higher visibility, greater discounts, and more. Apart from annual sponsorship opportunities, organizations  can choose to sponsor OPEN Campaigns and events such as OPEN Conference.

Based on your requirements, we can create customized sponsorship packages that ensure your company meets its internal goals while supporting diversity and inclusion and the mission of WeAreOpen.



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