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Open Conference

OPEN Conference is more than just another diversity conference. We aspire to build the community of business decision-makers, experts, and organizations from Europe and beyond who are conscious of their current and future impact on diversity and inclusion, both within their organizations and in society at large.

According to historians, among the economic and social factors that made the Renaissance possible was the diversity of the people who met in the Italian cities, in an atmosphere of sharing and building new ideas.

Humankind faces plenty of challenges, and some of these are and can be influenced by companies. Whether by inventing new solutions, changing old processes or simply listening to more people’s experience and knowledge. One key element for this to happen is exposure to a diversity of people and thoughts, through the inclusion of people with different backgrounds.

We offer our unique approach as a starting point for others, as we share our network, experience, and expertise in order to create positive change together.

We cooperate with local, regional and international businesses and organizations to make all of these happen. Are you ready to be a part of it?

The next OPEN Conference will be held on November 12 & 13 in Budapest, Hungary

For more information on OPEN Conference, or attending as a delegate, speaker or sponsor, contact us using the link below.

The OPEN Conference Approach

OPEN Conference is more than just a conference: it’s the real-life community of business leaders and experts from all over Europe who are determined to act on diversity and inclusion and trigger positive change on a large scale.

At OPEN Conference, we offer tangible and specific ideas, and inspiring case studies for those who are at the beginning of their journey; and for those who have already gone through positive changes, the possibility of sharing their knowledge with others. And we are building the hub for those who would like to better understand the context that they may navigate in the not-too-distant future and who would like to stay the ones who lead by example. From experts around the globe, you will hear stories of people who drove an organization toward greater openness, stories about how a diverse group leveraged their different background as part of innovating, how diversity and inclusion supported the core business of a company, how creating an open corporate culture contributed to the sense of belonging, and about the change that a more realistic representation of people, minorities brought to companies and communities.

In 2019 we launched the OPEN Spotlight Award to shine a spotlight on all of those leading businesses and organizations that have gone through an inspiring journey in which they worked for diversity and inclusion.

And for the first time ever, we present: OPEN 2029 – The future is here. As part of OPEN Conference’s program, in cooperation with ground-breaking experts, we are sharing thought-provoking and inspiring ideas of diversity and inclusion with the aim to provide a wider economic, social and technological context to business leaders to help them prepare for the changes and challenges that may come.

Previous OPEN Conference Events


In 2018, the theme for OPEN Conference was to establish how organizations can build competitiveness through openness. With participants from more than 10 countries, it brought a fresh and diverse perspective to the business case for being open.


Building on the 1st edition, OPEN Conference focused on role models and tried to show through them how top-down and bottom-up initiatives can make a workplace more diverse thus more successful.


2016 was the first year WeAreOpen organized OPEN Conference. We sought to lay out the business case for openness through talks, discussions and workshops and sought to make real change in the short term.