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What can employers do? COVID-19 Impact Report on Women, LGBTQ+, Roma & Disabled People

We know that the Coronavirus pandemic is a challenging situation for everyone. What we may not know is the impact of the pandemic on different minority groups, and how it affects them at their workplace and beyond, and what employers can do to support them.  

WeAreOpen has partnered with Amnesty Magyarország, Bagázs Egyesület, Háttér Társaság and Salva Vita Alapítvány to create “What can employers do? COVID-19 Impact Report on Women, LGBTQ+, Roma & Disabled People”. 

The Report includes useful information, data and resources about the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on minorities and concrete tips for employers how to handle it. Amnesty International Hungary provided information on gender equality and the role of women in domestic and care work. Bagázs Association shared their report on the negative effects on Roma communities in Hungary such as discrimination and digital poverty. Háttér Society shared their expertise about LGBTQ+ inclusion and how the pandemic could lead to an increase in exclusionary atmosphere. Salva Vita Foundation provided insights on the challenges disabled people face because of social distancing and remote work. 

You can see the report below, and you can download a copy by sharing your email. This Report is just the first step: we encourage all organizations, companies and experts to join the project and contribute their own ideas, stories, best practices etc. and inspire others. Currently, the Report is available only in Hungarian, but we will be adding an English version soon. 

By highlighting some important phenomena and insights, we hope we can help companies and organizations ease the negative effects of the pandemic on diverse employees and communities.

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To download the report, please fill up the following form. If you want to contribute to this project through your own story, case study, best practices or in any other manner, let us know through the form and we’ll get in touch!