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Auchan Magyarország Kft

“Those of us at Auchan Magyarország Kft. ensure equal opportunities for all members of our staff, and we judge everyone, without exception, on the basis of their performance. In our Equal Opportunity Plan, our company has committed itself to, among other things, guaranteeing male and female employees the same opportunities. Accordingly, 66 percent of the some 7000 persons working at Auchan are female, and 53 percent of the company’s senior management is composed of women. Additionally, we continue to seek out opportunities through which we may contribute to improving the quality of life of our employees. As part of this, we launched a programme this year to assist mothers and fathers with young children return to work,” said Zsófia Samu, communications director of Auchan Magyarország Kft.

BP Logo


“BP’s business service centre in Hungary, founded in 2009, employs over one thousand people in the fields of customer service, finance and procurement.

Pursuant to our company’s international Diversity and Inclusion Regulations, we reject any form of discrimination and negative discrimination, and we pay special attention to preventing and terminating any such behaviour. We believe in employing the right person in the right job, and according to this principle, we place great emphasis on the training and development of our colleagues. We ensure that all employees have access to advancement opportunities based on their abilities, individual potential, performance, openness to development and individual development potential.

The company’s current Equal Opportunity Plan, for the period 2014-2016, spells out an action plan, to be regularly updated by our designated Equal Opportunity Officer in coordination with company management.

BP’s diversity indicators: In Hungary currently, 64.9% of the company’s employees are female; women make up 39% of senior management; 37.5% of the board is female; and 61% of new hires are women. Read more about BP’s international principles on diversity here.”


CMS Cameron McKenna Ügyvédi Iroda:

“In 2015, the ratio of women in senior management at CMS Law Office was 53%, while the representation of women in the office as a whole was even more positive, at 69%. We believe it is important to publish this data because we wish to set a good example and, in a way, prove that a business can be successful when the number of men and women is roughly equal. Our goal is to maintain these indicators going forward; to that end, we are making pledges in even more areas compared to last year.”

Ferenczy museum Logo

Ferenczy Múzeumi Centrum

“The Ferenczy Museum Centre was the first cultural institution to join WeAreOpen’s call for pledges. The institutions of the museum, based in Szentendre, currently employ a large number of female employees. Gábor Gulyás, head of the museum group, noted: they believe it is also important for women to play a key role in the leadership of the institution. In 2016, they will make it possible for parents with young children (mothers and fathers alike) to work more flexible hours, and the museum will also introduce new visitors’ programmes for families.

Hosszulepes Logo

Hosszúlépés. Járunk?

“We are proud that we have shown that it is, in fact, possible to operate a high-quality cultural enterprise in Hungary without state support. In the same way, we also want to show that if both members of a couple play a role in child-raising, they will be happier and more successful at home and at work.”

Microsoft logo


“At Microsoft, we believe in the fundamental values of equal opportunity and diversity, and we work to advance these principles both within our company and beyond. We are convinced that diversity and acceptance are indispensable conditions to our business success. Today, one half of Microsoft Hungary’s management is female, and one half is male; overall, women make up 30 percent of the company’s employees. We wish to provide women with opportunities and show them a path forward; this is our focus especially in the case of young people in an industry that is traditionally regarded as male-dominated. This, ultimately, also improves the competitiveness of Hungary,” said Judit Grósz, Marketing and Operative Director of Microsoft Hungary.

Morgan Stanley

“At Morgan Stanley, equal opportunity is not just a slogan that sounds good: it is an intrinsic part of our daily activities. We are working to create the kind of supportive and inclusive environment in which everyone can realise their full potential. As one of the largest employers in the field of IT in Hungary, we are proud of the fact that in 2015, across all of our business divisions, nearly 40 percent of our new hires were female; this represents an increase of almost ten percent compared to 2014 data. Our commitment to an inclusive culture is evinced by the fact that we continue to place great emphasis on the development and advancement of our staff, according to their abilities and talents. This is also clearly represented on the management level: some one-third of the senior leaders working at Morgan Stanley’s Budapest office are women.”

Prezi logo


“Thirty-one percent of employees at Prezi are female, and women make up 36% of the company’s management. We find it important to publicise this because we want to underscore also for ourselves that we still have a ways to go to improve this percentage. The greatest challenge is to increase the ratio of women among our engineers, increasing it from the approximately 10% level of today. To that end, we have launched and we support programs like Skool, which introduces school-age girls to the world of programming.