Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should I know about WeAreOpen?

WeAreOpen is a Hungary based nonprofit organization founded by Google, espell and Prezi that works on diversity & inclusion. To find out more about what we do, please go to

2. What types of stories are we looking for?

We are looking for inspiring stories by people who lack visibility and access to platforms because of who they are and face certain disadvantages because of their gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, religion, disability etc. We welcome stories by those who lead by example within their communities and succeed in overcoming these challenges and have accomplished something great despite their background or because of it. We are looking for “possibility models” to empower and encourage other people to thrive at the workplace and beyond and showcase their achievements that are often not recognized.

3. How does WeAreOpen define success/accomplishment?

The definition of success is subjective, it can include various things that are different from what society recognizes and awards as success. We think it is important to acknowledge that minorities and marginalized groups face certain disadvantages, which are a result of already existing inequalities. For a transgender, Roma or disabled person it can already be a success to graduate, support socially more devastated communities or anything else that seems like a challenge regarding their disadvantages. We are fully aware that the starting line is different for everyone, and we would like to show stories that demonstrate how far a person was able to get within their own limits. 

4. Who can participate in this campaign?

People representing minority groups and people with diverse backgrounds, for example people from the LGBTQ+ or Roma community, people with a disability etc., who are 18 years old or over.

5. How can I participate as an individual?

You can participate as an individual by filling out the form on the campaign website with accurate personal information, photo and your story. Once your submission is finalized, we will notify you if your story got selected or not. We may reach out for additional details as well.

6. How can I participate as an organization/company?

Companies must be part of the OPEN Community to participate. If your company is not part of the OPEN Community, you can join through our company website. There are no costs whatsoever associated with joining the OPEN Community. 

Companies that are part of the OPEN Community can choose between 2 levels of participation: 

  • Level 1: Share the key statement video of the campaign on their social channels with a post announcing their participation. Companies may also share the campaign material with colleagues and encourage everyone to participate in the campaign by sharing their stories directly on our website.

  • Level 2: Create an internal story collection campaign wherein the company designates a person to whom employees can submit their stories. WeAreOpen can support this process by providing a Company Kit which includes a story collection template. Companies can also reach out to us and request other supporting services such as consulting, OPEN Talks etc

    Write to us on if you have any questions.

7. Can I nominate my friends/colleagues/teammates, etc.?

You cannot directly nominate someone else, but if you believe someone in your network has a great story to share, you can send them the campaign website and details as a recommendation.

8. What is the key goal of the campaign?

You can find the full statement and details on the campaign website home page. 

9. What happens once I submit my story?

Our team will carefully review all the materials, and in case the submission meets all of the campaign’s requirements, we will notify you and share your story on the campaign website and on social media. We may also ask you for additional details. 

In case your story isn’t selected for some reason, we will let you know.

10. Why did my story not get selected?

Your submission might not have met the campaign criteria, and since the campaign has its limits we might not be able to publish all stories we received.

11. Why do I have to share my image?

We think it is important to inspire and empower others with authentic stories and individuals who are willing to stand out with their image as “possibility models”.

12. How long will the stories be visible here?

We will keep the stories visible on our website, but participants can reach out to us if they want their stories to be removed for any reason.
Click here to see our Privacy Policy.

13. Where will my story and photo appear as part of the campaign?

We will feature your story and image on our website and on our social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn).

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