Budapest Pride 2019 with WeAreOpen

Do you walk at Budapest Pride with WeAreOpen as a company or organization? Join the OPEN Community at Pride 2019, and celebrate your journey to Pride with us!

Updates, news and information on WeAreOpen & the OPEN Community at Pride

It’s Pride month, and we have lots of exciting plans for you up until the Pride March! Scroll down for more information on each of these activities!

#DressCodeChallenge: From 28 June up till Pride March.
100+ Business Leaders to Pride – until 6 July. 

Walk with WeAreOpen @ Budapest Pride – on 6th July
OPEN Backstage Pre-Pride Special:  2 July.

The July issue of Forbes magazine is out now featuring the statement and signatures of business leaders, who believe that being open is not just the right thing, but it is also worth it so they will join us at Budapest Pride 2019 to support LGBTQ+ inclusion. Click for details!



The WeAreOpen Team rainbow for the #DressCodeChallenge



Have you participated in the DressCodeChallenge? Join us and make a rainbow for Pride! Keep a look out for your image here. Just go with and have fun with your colleagues and friends! Follow the instructions below and show your support with the #DressCodeChallenge!
The #DressCodeChallenge is co-organized in partnership with Humen Magazine.

Making Rainbows

Is it possible that together, we can create a rainbow that consists of 1,000+ people?

This year our goal is to create the biggest living virtual rainbow formed by like-minded people who are determined to show their colors and demonstrate openness!

Besides, who doesn’t want to ditch the corporate dress code for something fun and colorful at least for a day? Brighten up your office life for a day before the official Pride march! If you want to show openness beyond joining the Pride march and make the most of #happyprideweek, participate in the #DressCodeChallenge.

  • Would you participate alone? No worries: take a picture in any one color and share! Get a Pride flag or create one and share the result!
  • The more the merrier! Are you a huge group of colleagues or friends? Make sure all the 6 colors of the rainbow flag are covered by the team, take a group photo, upload. Don’t be shy! Together we can form the 1,000 people large rainbow, the smallest group count, too!
  • Would you participate as a company? Put up a rainbow flag on your office building, take a pic, upload. Don’t know where to get a rainbow flag? Get in touch with our friend Gabor Bednarik at Everengine and he may be able to help! They have already produced for us some amazing stuff!
  • Bonus: Would you do something special? Get creative, create different types of rainbows, form installations, or just be the shiniest group ever!
  • Share your content on social media and use #nyitottakvagyunk #dresscodechallenge #happyprideweek #weareopen and so we can find you and share your post


100 Business Leaders to Pride & Companies to Pride

In 2017, 100+ business leaders lead by example and marched with us over 1,000 colleagues ( video ). Join us and 100+ business leaders at Pride 2019. You can find out more here.

Will you walk with us as a company or organization?

Companies, business leaders and thousands of employees will be at the forefront of LGBTQ + inclusion and celebration diversity. Add your details to this form so we can keep you posted about the details around the walk! Read more.


At the Pride March

14.30: Please be at the WeAreOpen Pride Float by 14.30. We expect to be at Falk Miksa street near Kossuth square. –› UPDATE: the van will be in Szalay street, near Kossuth square
14.30 – 15.00: We’ll be taking company group photo shoots at the Float, so make sure you’re there with all your colleagues!
14.45: We have a special announcement about WeAreOpen at Pride 2019. The company group photo shoot will continue after the announcement.
15.00 – 16.00: Budapest Pride official program at Kossuth square.
16.00: Pride walk starts. Walk with WeAreOpen

The route for Pride March

Pride March Route

As we get updates from the organizers of Budapest Pride – Rainbow Mission Foundation, we will update this section with further details such as entry points for the gathering area, the exact location of the WeAreOpen Float etc. For information related to the Pride march, the route and similar details, please visit the Rainbow Mission Foundation website.

Some practical information for the walk:
– It will probably be a hot summer day. Stay hydrated, make sure you have sun cream, and food and water, as there may not be open stores along the route.
– Since it’s the Pride, you may want to wear / bring some rainbow color decorations. Please keep in mind that the police usually advise to make it visible only during the march and not while walking alone on the street before or after the event.
– Or, take the #DressCodeChallenge with your friends and create your rainbow there!

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