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OPEN Survey

Learn more about where you stand at in your D&I journey

Many of you, Hungary-based employers, reach out to us asking about ways to become more open and do more to improve workplace culture. We know that meaningful and lasting change is not happening overnight, so the past years we’ve been working a lot to bring this service into life.
OPEN Survey offers detailed understanding of how employees evaluate diversity & inclusion at organisations, puts employers on the Hungary based openness-promoting companies’ map and rewards employer efforts with different levels of recognition and action plans.

Locally developed

Increase relevance. A locally developed tool gives you a better understanding about the D&I related challenges that your organization may face.

Benchmark against the national average

Put your data in context. Our research partner is Gemius Hungary, who provides the technical and analytical backend, the safety and anonimity.

Benchmark against other employers

Get full insights of the employees' experiences at diversity and inclusion at your company and put yourself on the map of the openness promoting employers of Hungary.

Get an action plan

Receive data-based advice about the potential next steps. Track your progress from year to year, measure your achievements, and find areas for improvements.

OPEN Survey is for you if...

  • You like making decisions based on a detailed data set that considers the context too.
  • You are at the beginning of your D&I journey and would like to see what is the most urgent next step.
  • You are more advanced on your D&I journey and you would like to understand whether every measure you make filter through the organization and creates true belonging for all.
  • You would like to add expert advice on top of your data set.
  • You would like to understand how your performance compares to other employers in the country and potentially show it to your current and future colleagues.

Availability is limited, registration closes on 30 July

We launched OPEN Survey for the first time. We would like to make sure that we can dedicate enough time and attention to all you the employers that participate. So we decided to limit the number of participants for this years’ program. 


How does OPEN Survey work?

Many global studies and research confirms that a healthy and happy workplace environment can boost business performance significantly. Regardless where you stand on your diversity and inclusion journey, you can benefit from in-depth, tailored feedback this survey provides.

Pick your package

OPEN Survey is for organizations that are larger than 100 people. We offer 3 packages to choose from.

Book your time window

Book a meeting and get more information. At the moment, we have time windows for 2-4 employers per month from July until the end of November.

Receive your internal communication package

We will provide toolkits and templates to help organisations promote the survey internally.

2-3 weeks to fill the questionnaire

Your survey will be run by a third party, Gemius, who provides all the safety and anonimity measures.

Get your results

A comprehensive understanding measuring five key areas: diversity maturity, perceived diversity, inclusion, belonging, and employer as a good citizen.

Get your recognition

We offer a badge for all who takes this important step and measures themselves, and we will offer further recognitions in the future.

We built in OPEN Survey the experience from working with 100+ employers and dozens of multinational businesses in the past 8 years.

We are a nonprofit organization. With purchasing OPEN Survey, you support our work and mission. Book a meeting to discuss the details, get the available packages and time windows. We would love to understand and discuss your needs.

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