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In 2018 we launched our long term Two Steps Program, because we believe along with 63-63% of Hungarian female and male employees that men and women should act together to ensure equal opportunities for women and men at the workplace.

Many companies in Hungary believe this too, and that’s why WeAreOpen, together with ELLE Hungary, bring you Common Interest: where female and male business leaders together stand up for gender equality at the workplace.
This campaign has been supported by Coca-Cola HBC Hungary.

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50 companies have already participated in this campaign, with a female and male colleague standing together, committing to equal opportunities at their workplace in 2020 for both women and men workplace. These 50 companies and their leaders stand by the following statement:

This is a common interest. As open companies we believe that ensuring equal opportunities for women and men at the workplace is a common interest – if we succeed, it will be beneficial for all of us. As business leaders, women and men we believe that we must work together to reach our goal.
According to national research women still face disadvantages when it comes to job promotions, they’re less visible in the public in professional matters, and on average earn less compared to their male peers in the same position. Women often don’t get sufficient support from their employer in balancing work and private life – something men also experience.
According to our experience and studies investigating this field, open workplaces – where everyone gets equal opportunities – are more successful and in such an environment employees are happier. We also know that creating open workplaces requires continuous efforts.
Therefore, we are joining WeAreOpen’s ‘Common interest’ campaign as leaders, as women and men, and commit to promote equal opportunities for women and men at the workplace in 2020 together, to showcase, gender equality at the workplace is beneficial for us all. We hope that through this joint effort we will inspire others to do the same: to stand up for the cause together, to initiate positive change, and get the facts right and spark conversations.

On popular demand, the Common Interest campaign has been extended! To participate, send us the image of your company leaders by January 31. And if you would like to make a commitment to gender equality for 2020, let us know! Follow the steps below.

Do you and your company agree with this as well? Would you like to join the next phase of Common Interest? If yes:
1. Complete this form.
2. Take a picture of 1 female and 1 male leader standing together to promote gender equality.
3. Send us the image on campaigns@weareopen.hu. Images of the leaders will be uploaded weekly on our website along with all other leaders from various companies that participate in this campaign. Make sure you follow our social pages – LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram – to receive updates!
4. In addition to sending us the image, you may also share the image on your social channels with #nyitottakvagyunk #WeAreOpenxELLE #commoninterest #twosteps so we can find you easily.
5. If you already know what you will improve internally in your company in 2020, we encourage you to make a public commitment about it. We had a similar campaign in the past, we will upload this list of commitments with the list of companies’ logos. We believe that by showing this, we can inspire others.
6. If you would like to make a public commitment, you can do through this form. Check the commitments your company is prepared to make and work on for 2020 and beyond.
7. In case you would appreciate some information, tools, or help when setting these goals for your organization, our expert team is happy to support you. Please write to us on campaigns@weareopen.hu in case you have any questions or clarifications.

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The following are the companies participating in Common Interest: