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Joined the Community:1134

The July issue of Forbes magazine is out now featuring the statement and signatures of business leaders: They stand up for the importance of diversity and inclusion at the workplace, and they will join us at Budapest Pride 2019 to support LGBTQ+ inclusion.

This is the very first time in Hungary when the signatures of 100+ business leaders are featured in a printed magazine under a statement representing the values of openness and diversity, and LGBTQ+ inclusion. 

Thank you Forbes for this amazing opportunity and for supporting our cause to bring the message of openness for millions of people. Thank you Saatchi & Saatchi (Publicis Group) for the design and help realizing our dream in print. We are grateful for the support!

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In 2019, 100+ business leaders lead by example and marched with WeAreOpen at Budapest Pride together with over 2,000 of their colleagues.

The statement of the business leaders that they joined by their photos below and their signature in Forbes:

“As a business leader I’ll participate at Budapest Pride. People would like to work for companies where they can be sure, the only thing that matters is their performance, regardless of their gender identity, of their ethnicity or of who they love. As a leader I consider it as an important and responsible act to stand for this value and for our current and future employees.

Thus I join WeAreOpen’s initiative and try to inspire other leaders to do the same. An open workplace is good for the employees, means competitive advantage for the business actors, is the key for better performance and for hiring and retaining colleagues.

Let’s meet at WeAreOpen’s float when Pride march starts on 6 July.”