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Unconscious Bias Training – By Magyar Telekom

We introduce Magyar Telekom’s freely accessible unconscious bias online course that is now available on our website. We are happy to host this remarkable online course because along with Telekom, we hope that it can support your organization’s journey in creating a more inclusive and open workplace culture. 

There are other similar resources available online in English, but very few such resources are available in Hungarian. Therefore, Telekom has not created an English version yet. 

We encourage you to try it out and distribute it within your network to help other openness-promoting organizations as well. Please find the material below crafted by Telekom.  

We thank Magyar Telekom for making this available to the OPEN Community and beyond through our website!

For a diverse and inclusive workplace culture - by Magyar Telekom

We are standing against all forms of discrimination. The first step of creating a genuinely inclusive, open and safe workplace environment for all, is social responsibility. As a core part of our corporate culture, we decided to learn more about how unconscious bias works and how to handle it in rapid decision-making situations where it can go wrong. Therefore, we created the first Hungarian online course in order to make it the basis of our corporate culture, and provide free access to other companies in support of their internal anti-discrimination efforts. 

Our goal is to support all Hungarian speaking businesses, so everyone is more than welcome to use this freely accessible course as a tool for building a more open workplace. We hope that you will find it as helpful as the Hungarian Telekom community. Processing this material takes about 35-45 mins of your time and it includes texts, sounds and videos. 

If you would like to adjust your time spent on it then please use the buttons below. To browse the previous slides please use the button in the bottom left corner of the menu. To make it accessible for all we created subtitles for the videos and the whole text of the material is available in PDF. It is also available on mobile devices for iOS and Android. You can move the videos using the touchscreen.

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