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2018 July: 100 CEOs to Pride with WeAreOpen

WeAreOpen prepares for Pride with over 100 CEOs in 2018 as well

Budapest, 6 July, 2018 – WeAreOpen is once again preparing for Budapest Pride, joined together with over 100CEOs. The business leaders will be leading approximately 2000 of their colleagues through the march. The initiative was launched in 2017, so that leaders have the opportunity to stand up for their current and future colleagues through this initiative, saying that employees will be judged solely on their actions and achievements, regardless of anything else. Several organizations have joined the campaign this year as well, besides the founders of WeAreOpen, Prezi, espell and Google, the local CEOs of such internationally renowned companies as Citi, BlackRock, BP, BT, Diageo, Eaton, Exxon, GE, IBM, Morgan Stanley, Nielsen, Procter&Gamble, Telenor, and Vodafone are coming together for the march. Numerous Hungarian enterprises have gotten involved also, including community offices, fashion designers, IT companies, and  architectural firms. CEOs are welcome to join and register for the initiative until the morning of Saturday, on

Today in Hungary, over a thousand companies and organizations believe that it is not only the right thing to do, but also makes sense business-wise to measure their colleagues solely based on their actions and achievements. International research has also underlined the significance of this approach. For instance, a new study of BCG has found that there is a clear correlation between innovation and diversity within a company, and that organizations that are diverse, are on average also more successful financially. Furthermore, people who work at diverse organizations, generally feel better. In Hungary for instance, 83% of students over 18 would prefer an open company as their workplace.

Last year, for the first time, over a 100 CEOs marched together at Budapest Pride, accompanied by groups of their colleagues. Besides the number of business leaders, the number of colleagues participating at Pride 2018 is also going to be significantly higher than last year, over 2000 employees are expected to turn up tomorrow. For the first time this year, in ties with WeAreOpen, two brands, BP and Viacom are also launching their own lorries .

Melinda Miklós, CEO of WeAreOpen said: “It’s important for companies and company leaders to participate in Budapest Pride in person as well. This is also their business. By doing so, they are sending a message to current and future employees, and take action in order to judge everyone based on only what they have achieved.”  

“Citi is a company dedicated to diversity, that creates an open, inclusive corporate culture by accepting the diverse backgrounds and experiences of its staff. We manage changes and development building on this diversity, becoming a truly global bank. Together, we are not only stronger, but also more efficient” – said Kevin A. Murray, CEO for Central-Europe and Country Head for Hungary for Citi, on why he is joining the initiative. .

For the last five years, WeAreOpen has been working towards demonstrating and promoting that it’s worth it to build a company, an organization, where everyone is judged solely on the basis of their achievements, and that it benefits both the companies, and their employees as well.  

About WeAreOpen

WeAreOpen community initiative was launched by Prezi, espell and Google in the summer of 2013. WeAreOpen’s principal sponsor is Citi. In the past five years, more than 1,000 companies, organisations and communities have joined WeAreOpen, including Hungarian businesses, brands with a high Hungarian and international profile, and civil organisations and communities. WeAreOpen will be participating in Budapest Pride for the fifth time. It has also launched more than 10 other campaigns, including in support of gender equality at the workplace and equal treatment of people with disabilities.

Those joining the WeAreOpen initiative hold the fundamental belief that everyone is to be judged solely on the basis of their actions and achievements, without regard to their age, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, national or ethnic identity and origin, political, religious or other views and physical or other factors.